14 students and 2 teachers from Lanka Nippon Biztech Institute (LNBTI) visited Tsukiji Uoichi for Japanese foods experience party.

They are learning high quality Japanese Information & Communication related Technologies and Japanese language. They visited us to deepen to understand Japanese culture more. We, Tsukiji served 13 kinds of dishes from traditional foods to even street foods.

1.Hiya Yakko(冷奴) – Chilled Tofu
2.Edamame(枝豆) – Green soya beans
3.Vegetable Yakisoba (野菜やきそば) – Vegetable fried noodles
4.Chawan-mushi(茶碗蒸し) – Hot egg custard
5.Chicken Karaage(鶏の唐揚げ) – Fried chicken
6.Tako-yaki(たこ焼き) – Fried flour ball cuttlefish in it
7.Yakitori Chicken(Yakitori) – Grilled chicken skewer
8.Prawn and Pumpkin Tempura(海老とかぼちゃの天ぷら)
9.Salmon nigiri sushi(サーモンの握り)
10.Tekka maki(鉄火巻) – Tuna sushi roll
11.Avocado roll(アボカドロール) – Avocado sushi roll
12.Miso soup(味噌汁)
13.Black sesame ice cream(黒ごまアイス)

We believe they enjoyed much even there were some strange dishes which they have never seen and experienced. Thank them to hear our explanation about each dishes! If they got to like Japan more we are very happy.

We are accepting such Japanese foods experience party, if you have an interest contact us.

* Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI)