Thank you for choosing TSUKIJI UOICHI, Colombo the first international location for Japan ' s finest restaurant chain TSUKIJI UOICHI.

Established in 2010, today TSUKIJI UOICHI boasts 4 successful restaurants in Tokyo that have won the hearts of its discerning Japanese customer. Our mission is to serve our customers all over the world with Japanese cuisine that is authentic yet contemporary. At TSUKIJI UOICHI we are committed to delivering not only the freshest food prepared to the highest standards but also to delivering true Japanese hospitality as it is renowned all over the world.

A set of greetings, starting with "Irasshai-mase!" (Welcome) and finishing with "Arigato-gozai-mashita!" (Thank you very much), reflect the feeling of gratitude we have to our dear guests and is a glimpse into the thoughtful and attentive service you will experience at out restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your visit to TSUKIJI UOICHI.